Various Fee Arrangements Possible: I have a variety of fee arrangements including flat fees, hourly rates and contingencies.

 Initial Consultation Fees: Generally, a determination can be made concerning the best fee arrangement for your situation at our initial consultation. I usually charge $250.00 for an initial consultation at which we both determine how I can assist you. Please bring as much information to the initial consultation as possible including all documents as well as any background information about the other parties involved. Please, bring copies for me to keep if at all possible. This will allow us to discuss matters further on the phone after you have left if need be. Please thoroughly organize your materials and have any questions you feel are important ready for our meeting. This will assist us to fully analyze your options and avoid surprises later. An organized, focused and efficient approach is the best way to minimize your legal costs, and I realize that keeping legal costs down is a major objective of every client.

 Flat Fees: A flat fee is usually offered only if your matter is relatively simple or routine and generally uncontested or limited to a discreet task, such as drafting a letter or contract.

• Hourly Fees: The most typical fee arrangement is the hourly fee. I charge you for each hour (or portion of an hour) that I work on your case.

 Court Costs and Filing Fees: If represented in a court proceeding, then you will have to pay a filing fee and other court costs.

 Retainer Fees: In almost every case that I take, a certain amount of relatively sophisticated legal work is necessary. Therefore, I generally will not consider any matters unless a retainer is paid to begin my engagement.

• Contingency Fees: In rare instances, the fee you pay will be based on a percentage of the amount obtained or awarded in the case.